Sunday, 17 March 2013

Cards 13th March

I first done the card using gold mirri card, but didn't have enough to use it for the whole group, so i recreated it using green mirri card. 
The base card was a 6 x 6" card.  The decoupage snowdrops squares were cut out and layered on to white card. 6 x 6cm, then layered on to green mirri card 6.5 x 6.5 cm.  The decoupage was cut out and stuck on using foam pads.
The greeting strip was cut out and layered on to the green mirri card.  It was then stuck on to the base card about a third down from the top.  The squares were stuck on using foam pads. 
Using a green fine pen I added stitching around the edges.
The second card was a stitching card.  The base card was a 5 bx 7" card.  With peel offs around the outer edge.
We used a kit called Fantasy Flowers, inside this kit was some stitching patterns, we used pattern 21.  We pricked the design on to our base card.  On the pricking pattern there was a guide on how to stitch.  The stem was done 1 - 3, and the leaves 1 - 4.
Using a fine needle and thread it was stitched in green.  Then using the die cut flowers we pushed them out and stuck into place.  We used the sample cards guide to make up the flowers.  The kit is in dutch but was very easy to follow.  It tells you what page you want, what line the pieces are on, and then how many pieces you need.
The third card was a white guilded card.  I used an idea from the pack to create this card.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Parchment March

This first card was a nice simple one.  It was a nice white guilded card, with a vellum centre.  A pattern was embossed into the centre using grid 14.  Then one a spare piece of parchment I embossed a further two flowers, and stuck them one one top of the other.  I added a gem to the centre of the flower and the four corners.

The second card was done by using a pattern from the parchment craft magazine.  I traced the design using a fine pen.  Coloured in the design from the back using perga liners.  I used grid 20 to emboss a deign top and bottom.  Stuck it onto the card using brads.  Added peel offs to the edges and a piece of ribbon down the side.

Monday, 11 March 2013

cards 6th February

What a simple card, from gold mirri card we cut a bird on a branch using a Marianne Creatables die and cutting machine.  I then raised it when I stuck on to the card.  But its easy to stick it flat, then you have no problems when putting through the post.
This was a card that takes quite a bit of putting together.

You can but precut cards to make this, but here are the instructions, Take a piece of card and cut to 24 x 16.5 cm and score from one short end at 11.5cm and 23cm.  Cut another panel 16.5 x 13cm and score from one long side at 1.5cm.  Add tape to this piece scored (1.5cm)  and stick to the first panel at the other end from the 1cm score.  Take an A5 cello bag and cut a band to fit around the longest side of the second panel.  The bag should fit snugly but revolve around it freely.
Cut two tags 11 x 18.5cm (panels) Fold the small tab upward and add double sided tape to the plastic band left hand side.  Place the panel (tag) stright egde to the left hand side.  Fold this section down and add tape to the plastic band right hand side.  Pace the panel (tag) straight edge to the right hand side.
The pull tabs should slide around this panel. 
Fold up panel and secure behind the cello bag onto panel with strong double sided tape.  Make sure that the tab does not catch on the cello bag and stop the slider moving.
Your two slider tab is now ready to decorate.
The black panel was cut to 15.5 x 11cm.  the stamped white panel was cut to 15 x 10.5cm.  It was stamped using black memento ink and coloured with pro markers.

With valentines coming up, I though we would do a card that everyone could use as not everyone wants to give a valentines card.  I am using this one for my mum and Dad's wedding anniversary on 9th March.

Cards 13th February

The base card is an A5 card.  Take Blue card and cut a panel 14 x 19cm.  Take Brown card and cut a panel 13.5 x 18.5cm.  Layer and add to the base card.  Cut out the base panel from you printed sheet, and layer on to base card.  Cut 10 printed squares and fold them according to instructions.  Make up 8 into a little rosette.  Stick on to card on the bottom left hand side.  Stick on folded square to the bottom right hand side, and one to the top leftr hand side.  Add greeting as required.

The base card is a 6 x 6" square card.  Take green card and cut a panel 14 x 14cm.  Take patterned paper (flowers) and cut a panel 13.5 x 13.5cm layer and stick on to base card.
Take green card and cut a a panel 9 x 11cm.  Take patterned paper (hearts) and cut a panel 8.5 x 12cm.  Stick on to base card towards the bottom.
Take green card and cut a panel 7 x 11cm.  take patterened paper (green) and cut panel 6.5 x 10.5cm.  Layer and stick on to base card towards the top left hand side.
Take green card and cut a panel 12.5 x 9cm.  Take white card and cut a panel 8.5 x 10.5cm.  Stamp little girl paddling using a black memento ink pad.  Layer and stick on to card middle.
Colour image with pro markers, and add card candi as required.
Pro Markers used: Caramel, Cinnamon, Blush, Oatmeal, Warm Grey 1, Cocoa, Moss, Pastel Blue, Warm Grey 2, Leaf Green and Apple.

This card was a real favourite of mine, I love black and white.  The base card is an 8 x 8" scallopped card.  Using the labels 1 die, I cut one in black.  A smaller one in white.  Using a Cherry Lynn Die, Fanciful Flourish I cut out two in black.  I then cut out a back and white label die and put in right corner .  I punched out some flowers using the Tonic punches.  Shaped them and layered them randomly on the branches.  Adding a gem to the centre of each flower.

Beading February Peyote Cube & Firepolish Bracelet

Peyote Cube and Firepolish Bead Bracelet
This was my first attemp, I really enjoyed doing it, but wished I had put a different clasp on, maybe a 3 strand clasp.
Then I though I would try using seed beads where the fire polish beads were.  I also tried using a different style of clasp.  I was really pleased with this but I made it too long.
I then done a black one with purple fire polish beads, I also put a three strand clasp which I prefer.
This was such a nice bracelet I then did one in cream cubes and bronze forepolish.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Cards 23rd January

This is a great stamp for a man or a lady.  The square base card is a 6 x 6" scallopped card.  Take your A4 card and cut a panel 14 x 14cm.  From you patterned paper cut a panel 13.5 x13.5cm and layer these panels and add to the card.  From the remainder of the red, cut a panel 11 x 11c.  From your white cut a panel 10.5 x 10.5cm.  Stamp the image using a black memento ink pad.  Stamp the jacket again on to the patterned paper.  Stamo the umbrella again on to the red card.
Layer the main stamped image on to the red panel just cut.  Add to the main card, at a slightly twisted angle.  Cut out the patterned jacket and stick on to stamped image.  Do the same with the umbrella.
Colour the remainder with your pro markers.
Add card candi to the sides.
The same as the above but using different colours.
Again the base card is a 6 x 6" square card.  Take silver card and cut a panel 14.5 x 14.5cm.  Take Blue card and cut a panel 14 x 14cm.  Layer and add to the base card.  Add peel offs to the blue card.  Add card candi and a greeting as required.
Take silver card and cut another panel this time 9.5 x 11.5cm.  Take white card and cut a panel 9 x 11cm.  Stamp design using black memento ink.  Layer these two panel and add to card, on the twist.
You can stamp more than once and decoupage several pieces.
This card is a nice simple one.  The base card is C6.  The base card had been embossed using an embossing folder and the cuttlebug.
Take brown card and cut a panel 8 x 10.5cm.  Take white card and cut a panel 7.5 x 10cm.  Stamp the image using black memento ink.  Layer and stick on to card.  Add the greeting to the bottom as required. We stamped a second image and decoupaged severall pieces.
This is the same as above but coloured in different colours.
Again the same but changed the colours.
The stamp is so versatile.



Cards 20th February

This was a lovely Penny Black stamp.  Take your DL card and add peel offs to the outside edge.  Cut a white panel 7.5 x 18cm and stamp the little mice, using a black memento ink pad.  Add brown ribbon around the left hand side, and tie a knot around the ribbon.
Cut a brown panel 8.5 x 19cm, another white panel 9 x 19.5cm.  layer all three panels and stick on to card.  Colour mice with pro markers.
This is a simple double easel.  Taker an A5 card and fold in half.  From the fold measure to one of the outside edges 10.5cm and cut the excess off.  Still working on this side of the card, measure from the other edge 10.5cm and cut from edge just cut to the fold.
Now fold the inside corner right side to the bottom fold right hand side, the inside corner left side to the bottom fold left hand side.
Cut two squayes 10.5 x 10.5cm and layer decoupge.  Stick these squares to the folded triangles.
Add the greetings, remembering to raise them.
You can add any other decorations to the base panel.
Take A5 scalloped card.  Take purple paper and cut a panel 20 x 14cm and stick to base card.  Add any peel offs requireed to the outside edges.  Make up waterfall, add a ribbon tassel on piece you pull.  Stick on to card using foam pads, add greeting as required.
Take a piece of double sided card and cut out lace panel, using a spellbinders die.  Fold back all cut sections.  Stick to decorative card.  Cut out flowers using tonice punch and make up and stick to the centre of the lace design.  Add small flowers to the corners and add gems.
The same card but with the double sided card the other way.